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Welcome to the Mike Boyle Website!

What’s a Restaurant Show? Are you looking for a place to eat? A place to get a good meal? A new place to try? A place for a special occasion? A place to get you out of your rut? Well, the Restaurant Show is all of that and more. It’s travel and movies, books and all of the things you enjoy doing, but don’t have time to research. So on the Restaurant Show we’ll do the research for you.

  • We’ll find you the new restaurants in the area, highlight new menus in the area.
  • Share the latest food trends and the latest food fads.
  • Talk with tremendously talented restaurant owners and chefs.
  • Help you with special occasion dining, and even remind you when special occasions like Valentine’s, Easter, and Mother’s Day are approaching.
  • The show will visit restaurants on a regular basis and get you great specials – great meals at great discounted deals.
  • We’ll promote group travel by inviting you to join other followers as we take cruises, visit Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, and other exotic places.
  • When you are on one of the group trips, you can enjoy a book that has been reviewed on the show, authors who have been interviewed.
  • After a nice meal at a good restaurant, take in a good movie that has been reviewed on the show.

Restaurants are supposed to be a break in your day, a time to relax with family or friends, or even a newspaper or good book. Restaurants are intended to not only feed your body, but to feed your soul, to put a smile on your face. You are invited to let the Restaurant Show be the resource that allows you to do just that.