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Mike Boyle's Special Recipes

The World Famous Mike Boyle Margarita Recipe:
Take a glass and run a lime around the rim, and then dip the glass in KOSHER salt, and then fill the glass with ice cubes (not shaved or crushed).  In your blender, pour one part of a good high quality tequila, and then add 3/4 to one part triple sec.  The more triple sec, the less the bite of the tequila.  Then add a good sweet and sour, about two and a half parts, and then blend thoroughly.  When the drink is completely blended, pour the contents in the glass on the rocks, and then add a splash of soda water to the top.  Then add a lime wedge to the glass and you are ready to go.
A couple of side notes:  Do not blend the drink with ice.  I am not a believer in frozen margaritas, virgin margaritas and I strongly object to margaritas with no salt.  These are not margaritas as far as I am concerned, but rather some bastardization of the margarita.  Further, when you blend, be sure to blend completely to get the ingredients thoroughly mixed, and add the soda after to soften to tartness of the sweet and sour.  Probably the most important ingredient is the sweet and sour, and if you have a choice of which item to spend a little extra on, make it the sweet and sour.  Finally, kosher salt is the salt of choice, not table salt.


There you go.  Please further realize that I am a professional, and would not suggest you try this at home, but if you must, please remember to add a bit of that secret and precious ingredient that I put into every margarita I make: a little bit of care, and a lot of TLC.  BUENA SUERTE (Spanish for "good luck")

Mike's Green Chili and Tuna
Over the years I have enjoyed opening a can of tuna, doctoring it up a bit, and having it as a light snack or a quick meal. I finally decided to get serious about it, experimented a little, and came up with the ultimate "tuna delight."

* One can of tuna in water
* Add two soup spoons of Colorado Green Chili, hot and vegetarian, from Gary Geiger of King's Chef Diner in Colorado Springs. This is his all natural chili that is a big seller at Whole Foods (www.coloradogreenchili.net).
* Add one big soup spoon of Plain Greek yogurt. I had been using mayo in the past, but wanted something else. My daughter, Kaylee, quite a culinarian herself, suggested this and it works great.
* Dice up a dill pickle and add it
* Smash up a few plain potato chips and add

Mix all of these ingredients in a bowl. Add salt and pepper, a little Tabasco, to taste. Mix well and enjoy. The vegetarian chili is fabulous and when added to the tuna makes a light, yet filling, dish. This can also be used as a nice party dip.

May I suggest using the following recipe, a recipe I picked up while on a recent driving trip throughout the Midwest. The recipe comes from Heather's on the River, a floating yacht club on the Ohio River just north of Louisville. It is owned by Dan and Heather Cook, and while I was broadcasting from there one Sunday, they shared it with me, and of course, with you, the listeners: Use 2/3 parts of tomato juice, 1/3 part Beef Amato. Mix in three shakes of Lea & Perrins (do not use a substitute), and three shakes of McCormick's Salt & Spice. Mix by pouring back and forth, glass to glass. Pour on the rocks and shake on McCormick's again. Add a squeeze of lime, and don't forget the vodka (may I suggest Stolichnaya?). Makes a mean Virgin Mary as well.


Teriyaki Steak - For the best teriyaki steaks ever, buy the flank cut, about half an inch thick.  Rib it.  Marinade it for 24 hours and cook it on the grill, flipping only once.  Don't believe me?  Try it.

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