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Where’s My Moose?

In 1986, I went moose hunting in the Kuskokwim Valley in west Alaska. Had a lot of fun with a well known professional guide and bush pilot, Chet Clark, and a couple of other guys. Wanted to harvest a moose. Got lucky and found a big bull. Shot him and, over eight...

Les Deplorables

When Hillary Clinton, while on the Presidential campaign trial, screamed her famous line, that all Trump supporters could be lumped together and called a "basket of deplorables," you knew someday a young, enterprising marketing genius would figure out a way to...


For almost sixty years, Americans have been prohibited from visiting Cuba, our Caribbean neighbor ninety miles south of Florida. Communist run under the leadership of Fidel Castro, Americans have wondered what the country is all about, what it has to offer. Formerly...

March is Here; Spring Has Sprung

Springtime weather, grass starting to turn green, flowers and trees starting to bloom. What could be better? Well, how about some great meals at some wonderful restaurants. Back in town after enjoyable trips to Mexico and Colombia, March was full of Lunch Bunch...

The Recap 3.6.2017

Although February involved a week in San Jose del Cabo on the Baja peninsula of Mexico with a wonderful group of listeners, and another nine days in Colombia, South America with my daughter exploring the wonders of that fabulous country, February was still a fun month...

The Recap 2.1.2017

OK, I admit it. I got a little behind on my blog posting. But here is brief wrap up of some of the restaurants covered, movies seen, and books read throughout the month of January. And remember, you can always listen to any shows you missed on the station podcasts....

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