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Fall Food Festival 2017

Crowd shot - Another year, another great crowd Me welcoming Festival attendees September offers another opportunity to put on a great food festival at The Academy Hotel in Colorado Springs. Held on Wednesday, the 20th, this year’s event, the 7th annual,...

Taste of Douglas County Just Keeps Getting Better

If you were looking for something, anything, to do on Thursday, August 17th, you didn’t need to look any farther than the 15th annual Taste of Douglas County. Held at the beautiful Douglas County Events Center, and billed as one of the, if not the, premier...

Time To Catch You Up

A trip to the Baja California peninsula of Mexico with my daughter, checking out new places in both Colorado Springs and Denver, and convincing a restaurant owner to initiate a great bargain meal for the enjoyment of my listeners and his customers, took up...

Where’s My Moose?

In 1986, I went moose hunting in the Kuskokwim Valley in west Alaska. Had a lot of fun with a well known professional guide and bush pilot, Chet Clark, and a couple of other guys. Wanted to harvest a moose. Got lucky and found a big bull. Shot him and, over eight...

Les Deplorables

When Hillary Clinton, while on the Presidential campaign trial, screamed her famous line, that all Trump supporters could be lumped together and called a "basket of deplorables," you knew someday a young, enterprising marketing genius would figure out a way to...


For almost sixty years, Americans have been prohibited from visiting Cuba, our Caribbean neighbor ninety miles south of Florida. Communist run under the leadership of Fidel Castro, Americans have wondered what the country is all about, what it has to offer. Formerly...

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